Our Charity Skydive

By Adam Poulter – Specialist Physiotherapist.

As a service that spends a lot of time working with people recovering from a stroke or brain injury The Stroke Association is a charity that we often access to further support people in their journey to recovery. They work to provide emotional, financial and physical support to people at a time when they need it most, often coordinating care and referring to services to help stroke survivors get the support they need.

We felt we would like to raise some money for a charity, and what better charity than something so close to us and the people we support. We are always asking our clients to push themselves a little further, move outside of their comfort zone and trust us in order to move forwards. So naturally my wife and I decided, given my fear of heights, that a skydive from 10,000 ft would certainly challenge us and put us outside of our comfort zone!

On the day we were both extremely nervous, having slept little the night before we were also pretty tired. After arriving a 7am and going through the training video and landing training we were ready. On reflection the flight up (taking 15 minutes) was the worst part, followed by the doors opening and sitting over the edge of the plane, but once the parachute opened there was a huge sense of relief and on landing the adrenaline was still pumping! It was an experience like no other and a feeling we certainly won’t forget.

In total our jump raised £2115.00, we would like to thank everyone who donated for their generosity and support, we could not have done it without you. You can see some of the great work they do and sign up to do an event yourself at www.stroke.org.uk.



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